Coolant filtration

If you want less wear & tear and maintenance of machines, and also higher product quality, Van der Ende Group supplies a wide range of filter solutions for filtering solids out of fluids, e.g. chips out of coolant, and for separating different fluids, e.g. separating contaminant oil from coolant. Other examples could also include filtering fine solids due to machining of hard metal, purifying mains water or filtration of washing water. We will be pleased to advise you.

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M001 Industriële centrifuge

Turbo industrial centrifuge

for high-quality filtration of fluids

M002 Bandskimmer

Belt skimmers

for removing tramp oils (or other oils)

M003 Moor Druk Absorptie Filter (1)

High-pressure absorption filter

for removing emulsified oils

M004 Freddy vloeistoffiltratie (1)

Freddy fluid filtration

mobile fluid filtration and swarf vacuum systems

M006 Industriële cycloonfilter

Industrial cyclone filter

for fine cleaning of coolants

M007 Olieseperator

Oil separator

for removing tramp oils (or other oils)

M008 Filterpapier

Filter paper

large stock and available for immediate delivery

M010 RESY compactbandfilter

RESY compact belt filter

for optimising fluid streams

O014 REKO zeefbochten

REKO sieve bends

for separating solids 150 µm - 5 mm

O015 REKO drukgevoede zeefbocht

REKO pressure-fed sieve bend

for separating solids 50 µm - 250 µm

10 of 10 products
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