Warranty & returns

Quality is assured when you buy a pump from our product range. But in the unlikely event of a defect, you can invoke our warranty in line with the Terms & Conditions of the Dutch Metal Union. Our own engineers will thoroughly examine the defective pump. If the problem lies in the pump itself, they will repair the defect immediately. If this isn’t possible, you will usually receive a new pump right away, with no long delays due to manufacturer’s procedures.

It could also happen that the defect in a pump was caused by the system in which it’s installed. In that case, we can naturally still repair your pump. At the same time, we will also advise you on possible modifications of your system. We could also arrange a full examination of your system, by means of a thorough analysis, for example using vibration testing equipment. Problems could then be prevented in the future.

How to return a product or invoke our warranty

If you have a problem that you think is covered by our warranty, please let us know the nature of the problem, so that we can provide you with the best possible service.

Please fill in the warranty & repair application form (or return form), and we will then ensure that everything is handled correctly, naturally aiming to avoid any return costs. You should fill in the form as completely as possible.