Why choose VDEG?

We provide a complete package of technical solutions. This unique one-stop-shop concept results from the combination of our extensive product range and our years of experience and expertise in the area of advice, design, installation, repair and overhaul. Another top priority is service and here again we excel, thanks to our high level of flexibility and outstanding technical services. Van der Ende Group is also a reliable partner for complex projects.


Van der Ende Group has a long track record of high quality standards: both in the area of the work and advice that we provide and at the product level. VDEG is a supplier of high-end brands, whose products are subjected to rigorous in-house testing before being added to our product range, and several of our own top-quality brands now occupy a prominent place in many different sectors, following years of careful development. And we’re always looking for new products that will be a good addition to our range. We have ISO 9001:2015 certification and therefore work strictly in compliance with the requirements imposed on our quality management system.

Knowledge & Van der Ende College

Our specialists are renowned for their in-depth knowledge of the products and processes. A thorough training programme organised by the Van der Ende College is a requirement for all our new colleagues, while existing staff also receive continuous training. Our reasoning is that targeted training allows us to guarantee our added value for customers, by raising the general level of knowledge of our staff and at the same time enhancing their personal development. And this is very important to us. Our customers are also welcome to use the Van der Ende College.

We are regularly visited by technicians and other specialists for product-related instruction days, where they learn all the ins-and-outs of both new and existing products and processes. We see sharing knowledge as an essential aspect of our work: both internally and externally.

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We discuss and develop ideas with you and provide support

Here at Van der Ende Group we like to work with our customers on developing ideas. Unique situations require customised solutions, and we’re very good at creating these. We analyse, advise and make calculations with a view to achieving the best returns. All of our engineers have a great deal of experience and outstanding ability to find a solution for every challenge, together with our customers. Our technicians are also on hand to take care of preventive maintenance, repairs and installation of complex projects. Our emergency repair service is very well organised and can be called in at any time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our technicians are equipped with all the state-of-the-art tools and instruments needed to make immediate emergency repairs. If necessary, they will provide replacement solutions to ensure the continuity of your operations. We naturally keep extensive stocks and always endeavour to minimise delivery times.


Flexibility is one of our core values: always was and always will be. This flexibility is extremely important to us, and is assured by our short communication lines and flat organisational structure. Thanks to our highly efficient decision-making processes, we can take fast, effective action when the situation requires this. Customer- and solution-oriented. That is the strength of our company.