VDE College

The Van der Ende College facilitates customer training programmes. Our product specialists regularly share knowledge and experience with our customers, to guarantee our added value for them. Raising the general level of knowledge helps to deepen and broaden the relationship. While training both staff and customers is a high priority for us, customers/installers can also participate in product-related instruction days and various masterclasses, either on request or when we introduce a new product.

Whether the subject covers relatively simple products or more complex products and/or systems, it makes no difference to our specialists: we are always willing to share our knowledge and experiences. We also organise a variety of masterclasses within the Van der Ende College, usually with external professionals who approach practical situations from a more scientific perspective. These are mainly held with small groups, so that we can carefully answer all the participants’ questions. And an added bonus, of course, is the networking that takes place during the traditional drinks when the class has finished.