Water solutions

If you’re looking for a solution in the area of water treatment, geothermal energy, heating pumps or other types of pumps, wastewater systems or fluid filtration, our specialists will look with you at what you need and provide the most suitable advice. Our units are ideal for a wide range of applications. And if you want mobile pump sets and access hatches, then we’re the place to be. We naturally also supply all the accessories and fittings.

Water treatment Innovative water treatment and filtration systems.
Wastewater systems For setting up pump systems for wastewater.
Sieve bends Separating solids from wastewater and process water.
Access hatches Top quality access hatches, various sizes or customised.
Pumps A wide range of high quality pumps.
Mobile pump sets Complete mobile pump units for the construction industry.
Fittings A wide range of fittings for your pumps and systems.
Accessories Accessories for pumps, electricity and machines.