With us, you will find a wide range of top-quality pumps from well-known brands, from sewage pumps to pressure boosting pumps and from movable pump units to groundwater pumps. Our experts are ready to discuss your situation with you and provide the most suitable advice. All required accessories and fittings are also available from us. With our large stock, many products are available for immediate delivery. We are official distributors of renowned brands such as Lowara and offer exclusive dealerships for Grindex and Selwood.

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P002 Lowara e-SH

Lowara e-SH

stainless steel 316L centrifugal pumps

P004 Lowara CEA

Lowara CEA

304/316 stainless steel centrifugal pumps

P005 Lowara CO

Lowara CO

stainless steel 316 centrifugal pumps with semi-open impeller

P006 Lowara e-IXP

Lowara e-IXP

centrifugal pumps

P007 Lowara SHO

Lowara SHO

stainless steel 316 centrifugal pumps with semi-open impeller

P008 Lowara e-SH zaz

Lowara e-SH self-priming

stainless steel 316 centrifugal pumps

P009 Alpha Pompe RA

Alpha Pompe RA

cast iron pumps with semi-open impeller

P010 Lowara BG (1)

Lowara BG

centrifugal pumps

P011 Tellarini Pompe AL

Tellarini Pompe AL

stainless steel 316 turbine impeller pumps

P012 Goan


overhauled pumps and replacement pump (VDEG GSH)



replacement for the Goan pump

P014 Nocchi Jet

Nocchi Jet

cast iron centrifugal pumps

P015 Espa Silen

Espa Silen

plastic centrifugal pumps

P016 Argal TMA

Argal TMA

plastic, magnetic drive pumps

15 of 94 products
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