overhauled pumps and replacement pump (VDEG GSH)

Van der Ende Group is the specialist for overhauling Goan pumps. Our years of experience, state-of-the-art workshop and extensive stocks mean that we’re the place to be for these pumps. If we find that your Goan can no longer be overhauled, we can supply you with the VDEG GSH: a self-priming pump to directly replace your old Goan pump.

Overhaul by our own specialists

Many years of experience with Goan

Improved replacement pump available from stock

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Goan self-priming pumps went out of production many years ago, but Van der Ende Group still offers to overhaul these pumps for customers. However, if the pump is too worn to overhaul, we also offer an improved self-priming pump that we designed ourselves: the VDEG GSH. This pump is directly interchangeable, so no adjustments to your pipes or connecting flanges are needed, and it can also be delivered immediately from stock.

Robust self-priming pump

All parts that are subject to wear are replaced during overhaul

Pump performance is fully tested

If overhaul is no longer possible, direct replacement is available

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overhauled pumps and replacement pump (VDEG GSH)