Van der Ende Group is a partner of Plant Empowerment (PE), World Horti Center (WHC), Tomatoworld and AVAG. Both WHC and AVAG represent the horticulture sector professionally at the national and international level. Our membership ensures that we – and our specialists – are up-to-date with all available information and knowledge within this sector. As a member of PE and partner of Tomatoworld, we gain essential insights into sustainable horticulture, helping to improve and speed up this transition.

Plant Empowerment

Plant Empowerment is a platform whose members are companies, institutes, growers and organisations with the shared goal of strengthening and accelerating the development of sustainable growing methods for the global horticultural sector. They seek to achieve this by joining forces, sharing knowledge and collaborating on integrated solutions for sustainable horticulture.

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World Horti Center

World Horti Center (WHC) is the knowledge and innovation centre for international greenhouse horticulture: a leading platform that brings together business, education, research and the public sector to innovate, connect, inspire and share knowledge. There is close collaboration with the horticulture-related education provided within WHC. The year-round trade fair, where Van der Ende Group also has its own stand, provides a complete reflection of technology, supply, floriculture and food horticulture.

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Tomatoworld is an information and education centre that clearly displays the tremendous value of Dutch greenhouse horticulture: an inspiring location for sharing knowledge about innovations and technologies that contribute to solutions for the world food problem. As a partner of Tomatoworld, we can use the greenhouse there to test our newly developed climate control solutions in practice, and to collect data for their optimisation.

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AVAG (Greenhouse Technology Center) is the sector organisation in which Dutch greenhouse horticulture companies collaborate in the context of integrated growing systems, components and related services. AVAG promotes the common interests of its members and supports them in the areas of quality, innovation, internationalisation and the job market.

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