We provide specially tailored technical solutions, knowledge and services in the area of pumps, water and filtration for industry. If you’re looking for a pump, water treatment system or bar feeding system, or seeking a solution in the field of air or fluid filtration, coolant management or chip treatment, then Van der Ende Group, before Moor Filtertechniek, is the place to be. And we will naturally also be glad to help with drives, accessories and fittings.

Air filtration Reliable filter systems for smoke, oil mist & emulsion mist.
Coolant filtration Compact, efficient filter systems for coolants.
Bar feeder systems For automatic bar feeding of your CNC lathe.
Coolant management For checking, producing and cleaning of coolants.
Chip treatment Transporting, shredding, centrifuging and briquetting.
Water treatment Innovative water treatment and filtration systems.
Wastewater systems For setting up pump systems for wastewater.
Pumps A wide range of high quality pumps.
Drives Frequency controllers and soft starters etc. for optimising your process.