Our innovations

Innovation has an important place within Van der Ende Group. And not only in relation to developing new products, but also in the form of specially designed solutions for our customers. This has resulted in many excellent products and systems, either in collaboration with customers or on our own initiative, such as the modified Lowara e-SH self-priming pump. A few more examples of often patented Van der Ende Group innovations are: Airmix, Kathari and booster units.

Ever since our company was founded, our colleagues have been working on innovations. Innovation is the motor that drives progress. Really listening to what our customers say, gaining a clear picture of their known or latent needs and taking this to the drawing board. Usually not too complicated, but pragmatic and solution-oriented. Our product range still contains many of our earliest innovations, although obviously further developed. And now our own products also include ‘high-tech’ innovations: advanced and mostly patented systems that add significant value for the end users, both national and international.

A selection from our range

Van der Ende Group’s Nitrate Recovery nominated for GreenTech Concept Award

Van der Ende Group has been nominated for the GreenTech Concept Award 2021 with the new Nitrate Recovery system. The products that are eligible for this Award are seen as products with progressive technology, in line with the trends in the market, and with the most potential to have a successful market introduction within two years.

Van der Ende Group’s Nexus HPRO wins GreenTech Sustainability Award

Van der Ende Group was announced winner of the GreenTech Sustainability Award during the opening of GreenTech Live & Online 2020. The Nexus High Performance Reverse Osmosis (HPRO) was seen as most sustainable innovation and won the prestigious award. This is the second time Van der Ende Group wins the GreenTech Sustainability Award. Two years ago, Poseidon sodium extractor won the award for most sustainable innovation.

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