Horticultural fans

We provide a wide range of solutions for achieving an optimum greenhouse climate, using vertical, horizontal or directed air circulation/ventilation. Moving the air ensures even distribution of heat, creating a uniform greenhouse climate. This reduces the risk of plant diseases and moisture damage. The fans also result in considerable energy savings and higher production. We regularly organise masterclasses on this topic.

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Airmix model T

VDEG Airmix model T

controlled ventilation/circulation system

Airmix model G

VDEG Airmix model G

controlled ventilation/circulation system

O006 VDEG Airmix model X

VDEG Airmix model X

semi-closed controlled ventilation/circulation system

Enfan (1)

VDEG Enfan

horizontal circulation

Verti-Fan 1

VDEG Verti-Fan

vertical air circulation

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