VDEG Enfan

horizontal circulation

The VDEG Enfan horticultural fan is designed to improve the growing climate and to limit temperature and humidity differences. The various models create optimum air circulation under all conditions.

Creates uniform climate

Very quiet

Wide air throw

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The unique shape of the fan blades with their serrated edges ensures optimum results and low noise. The air throw is somewhat wider, causing the air to be gently set in motion. The VDEG Enfan horticultural fan is available in two types: FG and ZN (difference in capacity: 3600 m³/h vs. 6000 m³/h, without grilles). The fans can be installed in either a parallel system or series (3x3) system. Speed controllers allow the capacity of the fans to be adjusted according to requirements.

Improves the growing climate through horizontal air circulation

Optimum horizontal air distribution

Available in EC variant and wide voltage range

Individually tailored advice: we ensure correct distribution of fans

Ideal horticultural fan, thanks to optimised blades

Easy to attach

Supplied complete with short or long suspension brackets and attachment materials

Optional accessories available, e.g. speed controllers

Excellent possibilities for combining with Enbar LVM, Verti-Fan and Airmix

Can be converted later into an Airmix system



Technical Documentation ZN045 1 Phase 230V

Technical Documentation ZN045 3 Phase 400V

Technical documentation ZG045

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VDEG Enfan

horizontal circulation

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