Our range includes an extensive selection of accessories for pumps, electrical systems and machinery. You will find a wide stock of check valves, pressure sensors, thermostats, level switches, connecting flanges, Venturis, tipping containers, hose sets, as well as various types of filter paper, antiscalant, candle filters and meltblown filters.

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M061 Filterpapier

VDEG filter paper

large stock and available for immediate delivery

O030 VDEG kantelcontainer

VDEG tipping skip

adapted for filtration systems

O031 VDEG Venturi

VDEG Venturi

pvc injector

O032 VDEG afsluitflenzen

VDEG connecting flanges

special PVC flange bushes with internal and external line measures

O033 VDEG AE thermostaat

VDEG AE temperature switch

bimetal temperature switch with gold contact

O034 Niveauschakelaars

VDEG level switches


O035 VDEG druksensoren

VDEG pressure sensors

4-20 mA pressure transmitters

O008 Balkeerkleppen

Non-return ball valves

non-return valve with full flow

8 of 8 products
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