VDEG Venturi

pvc injector

The best way to describe a VDEG venturi injector is: a section of pipe whose diameter first decreases (inflow) and then remains constant for a short length (throat), before gradually increasing again (outflow) to the original diameter. The speed of a flow can be determined from the pressure difference between the inflow and the throat, and the ratio of the diameters of the pipe and the throat.

Robust construction

Short delivery times

Available with various connections

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Van der Ende Group’s injector is made of PVC. The connectors are 25-mm adhesive bonds and are attached to the venturi injector using screw connections. On request, the connectors can be provided with adaptor rings. The maximum operating pressure of this venturi injector is 10 bar.


up to 17.4 l/min

Maximum operating pressure:

10 bar

Process connection:

25 mm

Material of housing:



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O031 VDEG Venturi

VDEG Venturi

pvc injector

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