VDEG pressure sensors

4-20 mA pressure transmitters

Van der Ende Group has an extensive programme of pressure sensors and differential pressure sensors. The sensors are available in various configurations and are suitable for a variety of pressures, connections and media.

Very extensive programme

Wide temperature range

Extremely reliable

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These high quality sensors have a strong signal, which is always excellently calibrated. The sensor signals are available as standard with voltage or current outputs. The sensors are also very robust and can therefore operate for decades without requiring any maintenance. In addition, the vibration resistance is far above-average for guaranteeing high reliability. The temperature range is also remarkable: from -20 to 125 ºC.

Very low sensitivity to temperature

Excellent resistance to high temperatures

No mechanical ageing

No mechanical decline

Modular system for choice of materials

Available in different configurations, pressures, connections and media


Technical documentation JUMO Midas C08

Technical documentation Differential Pressure Transmitter 692

Manual JUMO Midas C08

Manual differential pressure sensor type 692

VDEG pressure sensors

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O035 VDEG druksensoren

VDEG pressure sensors

4-20 mA pressure transmitters

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