VDEG level switches


A wide range of types and models of floats are available for controlling and switching pumps and valves, and regulating the level of water reservoirs, silos, and sewage and subsurface drainage tanks. Most of the floats can be delivered immediately from stock.

Delivered immediately from stock

Excellent value

Optionally supplied with plug/socket

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The screw thread is so short that when the temperature switch is used in the Lowara e-SH and FH pumps, it can be screwed into the pump body instead of the filler plug without the screw thread causing any turbulence.

Wide range of products

Versions with NO-NC or changeover contact

Switching capacity up to 10 A (resistive load)

Material of float:

PP or pvc

Material of cable:

PUR or pvc

Cable lengths:

up to 20 m

Fluid temperature:

up to 95°C

Optionally supplied with plug/socket

Stainless steel mounting materials and brackets available

Other sensors or switches available on request

Manual Parker floater switch


VDEG level switches

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VDEG level switches


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