Non-return ball valves

non-return valve with full flow

A non-return ball valve is a valve that allows a stream of liquid or gas to pass through in one direction, and stops this stream in the opposite direction. This can be accomplished using a variety of constructions, such as flaps, clappers and rubber seals.

Self-cleaning operation

Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications

Robust construction

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The great advantage of a non-return ball valve is its ability to handle dirty water. While other valves can start to leak if the water is dirty, the non-return ball valve is not adversely affected, thanks mainly to its self-cleaning operation. The non-return ball valve is robust and has a cast iron housing. It can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications.

Simple, robust construction

Full flow, as the ball moves out of the way

Designed for turbid, viscous and/or very dirty fluids

Minimal head losses

Suitable for vertical or horizontal applications

Low noise

No build-up of contaminants

Housing material:

cast iron

Ball material:

plastic, aluminium or cast iron

Has internal thread (BSP) or flanges

Technical documentation 418, 408

Technical documentation 508

Non-return ball valves

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Non-return ball valves

non-return valve with full flow