Booster pumps

A booster set is used when a water pipe or hose must always be under pressure. This is mainly required for high-rise buildings, such as apartments or high office buildings, or when higher pressure is needed in old buildings. The set provides a constant pressure in the pipe system. We supply robust booster sets developed by Van der Ende Groep and also Lowara sets.

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P019 Lowara e-HM

Lowara e-HM

stainless steel horizontal centrifugal pumps

P020 Lowara e-SV

Lowara e-SV

stainless steel vertical centrifugal pumps

P072 VDEG Hydrofoorunit 1-fase

VDEG Hydrophore unit 1-phase

mobile booster set designed specifically for construction

P073 VDEG Hydrofoorunit 3-fase

VDEG Hydrophore unit 3-phase

mobile booster set designed specifically for construction

P075 Lowara Sfera hydrofoorset

Lowara Sfera hydrophore set

for agricultural applications and domestic use

P076 Lowara Smart Pump

Lowara Smart Pump

frequency controlled pumps

P077 Lowara SMB Hydrofoorset

Lowara SMB hydrophore set

for commercial buildings

P078 Lowara GHV Hydrofoorset

Lowara GHV hydrophore set

for commercial buildings, high capacity

8 of 8 products
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