Espa Silen

plastic centrifugal pumps

The Espa Silen series is a self-priming plastic pump with a pre-filter, ideal for continuously pumping large quantities of fluids containing dissolved chemicals.

Plastic pump

Includes pre-filter

Suitable for fluids containing chemicals

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The Espa Silen is a low-noise, self-priming polypropylene pump suitable for continuous use. The pump was designed for use in swimming pools but is also ideal for e.g. ponds and water features. The pre-filter is built onto the pump body. The Espa Silen is available in two variants: 1-phase (with capacitor and built-in thermal protection) and 3-phase (with external thermal protection).

Suitable for chemicals


from 1,5 up to 78 m³/h


up to 21,5 mwc

Liquid temperature:

from 4 °C up to 35 °C


1-phase and 3-phase, 50 Hz

Suction and pressure end:

NW 50 and NW 63

Material pump body and impeller:


Material shaft seal:





Manual Espa Silen 2

Manual Espa Silen Iris

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P015 Espa Silen

Espa Silen

plastic centrifugal pumps

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