Coolant management

Van der Ende Group provides customized solutions for coolant management in the metal processing industry. This ensures that you always have coolant (CL) in the correct ratio, which saves on maintenance costs and significantly extends the life of your tools and CNC machines. The quality of your CL plays a crucial role in both the processing of your products and the durability of your tools and machines. Additionally, we will explore together the possibilities for improving the quality of your tap water.

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M002 Bandskimmer

Belt skimmers

for removing tramp oils (or other oils)

M007 Olieseperator

Oil separator

for removing tramp oils (or other oils)

M016 Aquarius RO

Aquarius RO

compact RO system for osmosis water

M017 DSA emulsiemenger

DSA emulsion mixer

coolant mixing and dosing pump

M018 Emulsieaanmaak en -controlesysteem

Emulsion production and monitoring system

improves the continuity and quality of machining processes

M050 LNS Hogedruk Koelsysteem

LNS high-pressure coolant system

for increasing the productivity of machine tools

6 of 6 products
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