Belt skimmers

for removing tramp oils (or other oils)

The belt skimmer was developed for removing floating tramp oils (or other oils) in reservoirs for industrial coolants and washing fluids. The belt skimmer removes these oils by means of a special belt.

For optimising fluid streams

Available in two series

Also suitable for washing baths with higher temperatures

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Removing these oils improves the service life and stability of the coolants and prevents bacteria development, deposits and oil mist formation. Van der Ende Group has a specially selected product line for the manufacturing industry. There are two types of belt skimmers: the F series and the S series. The F series are mounted directly onto the machine reservoir and are made of aluminium. The S series have an adjustable timer function and are available in steel or stainless steel. The S series are therefore suitable for a wide range of applications, for example in washing baths with higher temperatures.

For removing floating oils

Improve the service life and stability of coolants

Capacities from 4 to 14 l/h

Suitable for tank height up to 1 metre

Optional timer function available

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M002 Bandskimmer

Belt skimmers

for removing tramp oils (or other oils)