Filter paper

large stock and available for immediate delivery

We supply filter paper/fabric from stock for many different kinds of belt filters, such as flat-bed, deep-bed and hydrostatic filters. The filter fabric is used for filtration of e.g. discharge water from a sand filter or SAF filter, drain water, reservoir water and water from flood-and-drain systems.

Immediate delivery from stock

Very wide range in terms of material, pore size, width and length

For many different kinds of belt filters

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The filter fabric works in a very simple way. Fluid is guided over the filter fabric and contaminants that are larger than the pores are left behind on the fabric. After a while, the fabric becomes fouled, which reduces the water permeability, and the water level above the fabric rises. The float then activates the conveyor motor, so that the belt filter is provided with new filter fabric and the fouled fabric is conveyed to the waste tray.

Available in all widths and lengths

Filtration from 10 to 500 microns

In viscose, polyester and polypropylene

Immediate delivery from stock


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M008 Filterpapier

Filter paper

large stock and available for immediate delivery



Types of filter fabric

Filter fabric is usually made of a non-woven material and sometimes – for special applications – a textile filter material. The rolls of filter fabric are available as standard in widths from 30 to 230 centimetres and the standard lengths are 100, 250 or 500 metres. The pore size ranges from 5 to 250 microns. If you have specific wishes or require a non-standard size, we also provide customised solutions. Our filter fabric has excellent filtration properties, for a favourable price. We have large stocks, and a filter fabric is available for all different kinds of belt filters.