Freddy fluid filtration

mobile fluid filtration and swarf vacuum systems

The Freddy mobile fluid filtration and vacuum systems are used for fast, thorough removal of chips and fluid from machine tool sumps, while simultaneously filtering the coolant.

Fast, thorough cleaning of coolants

Longer service life of the coolants

Reduced maintenance time and machine wear

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Using the Freddy for servicing the machine tool and cleaning the coolant not only ensures more constant production and product quality, but also keeps the coolant in good condition. The Freddy cleans a machine tool and sump 10 times faster and more thoroughly than manual cleaning. The fluid is cleaned with an integrated vacuum filter: the chips and sludge stay in the filter bag and the cleaned fluid can be returned immediately to the machine tool sump.

Mobile fluid filtration and vacuum systems

Fast, thorough removal of chips from coolant

Longer service life of coolants and reduced maintenance time

Filtration with a disposable or reusable filter bag

Filtration from 200 to 10 microns

Available in different capacities

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Freddy fluid filtration

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Freddy fluid filtration

mobile fluid filtration and swarf vacuum systems


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