REKO sieve bends

for separating solids 150 µm - 5 mm

REKO sieve bends are easy-to-use filter systems for separating solids from wastewater and process water. The sieve bends are characterised by their unique ‘shear’ effect, simple construction, continuous operation and minimal maintenance.

Ideal for separating solids

Minimal maintenance

High capacity

More information

REKO sieve bends separate solids from wastewater and process water by means of a concave, curved screen plate. The sieve bend has a high capacity, thanks to the force of the water. The clean water passes through the screen plate to the inner tank, and the separated solids move continuously across the screen plate, allowing them to settle and ultimately drop down into a container. REKO sieve bends are made entirely of 304 stainless steel and are available in several different variants and capacities.

Continuous separation

Minimal maintenance costs

Can process high concentrations of solids

Unique ‘shear’ effect

Screen plates can be changed, for adaptation to operating conditions

Low investment

Low noise

Minimal operating costs

Many variants available as standard

Complete package with accessories



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REKO sieve bends

for separating solids 150 µm - 5 mm

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