We can supply you with a wide range of pumps featuring many high-end brands: from drainage pumps to submersible pumps, from mobile pump sets to borehole pumps. Our specialists will look with you at what you need, and provide the most suitable advice. We naturally also supply all the accessories and fittings. Thanks to our large stocks, many pumps are available for immediate delivery. We supply high-end brands, such as Lowara, and are the exclusive dealer of Grindex and Selwood.

Recommended products

Chemical pumps , Standard centrifugal pumps

Lowara e-SH

stainless steel 316L centrifugal pumps

P002 Lowara e-SH
Lowara e-SH

Booster pumps , Multistage pumps , Standard centrifugal pumps

Lowara e-SV

stainless steel vertical centrifugal pumps

P020 Lowara e-SV
Lowara e-SV
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P015 Espa Silen

Espa Silen

plastic centrifugal pumps

P024 Lowara DOMO

Lowara DOMO

304 stainless steel submersible pumps

P025 Lowara DOMO GRI


submersible grinder pumps

P027 Lowara DL

Lowara DL

cast iron submersible pumps

P029 Grindex Micro

Grindex Micro

drainage pump

P030 Grindex Mini

Grindex Mini

drainage pump

P031 Grindex Milli

Grindex Milli

drainage pump with low suction

P032 Grindex Minex

Grindex Minex

drainage pump

P033 Grindex Minette

Grindex Minette

drainage pump

P034 Grindex Minor

Grindex Minor

drainage pump

P035 Grindex Major

Grindex Major

drainage pump

P036 Grindex Master

Grindex Master

drainage pump

P037 Grindex Matador

Grindex Matador

drainage pump

P038 Grindex Maxi

Grindex Maxi

drainage pump

15 of 43 products
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