Geothermal energy

We have many years of experience with geothermal pumps and can therefore advise you on which pump will be best for your situation. And we can easily make the necessary technical calculations. Using selection software, we can already show in the price quotation stage what the consequences of the different operating points will be in terms of pump efficiency and capacity. We also supply all the accessories, such as frequency converters and vibration monitoring and seal flushing systems.

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P068 Lowara Z6-ZN6

Lowara Z6-ZN6

borehole pumps 6”

P069 Lowara Z8 ZR8

Lowara Z8- ZR8

borehole pumps 8”

P070 Lowara Z10

Lowara Z10

borehole pumps 10”

P071 Lowara Z12

Lowara Z12

borehole pumps 12”

5 of 5 products
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