Borehole pumps

A borehole pump is a water pump that can be placed dozens of metres below ground, thanks to the high pressure that it generates. The pump moves the water upwards so that it can be used for irrigation/sprinkling. Mounting frames and cooling jackets can also be used to allow the pump to be located outside the borehole. The applications are: pumping water up from a borehole, irrigation/sprinkling and fire fighting systems. We have a large selection of Lowara borehole pumps in our product range.

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P067 Lowara GS

Lowara e-GS

borehole pumps 4"

P068 Lowara Z6-ZN6

Lowara Z6-ZN6

borehole pumps 6”

P069 Lowara Z8 ZR8

Lowara Z8- ZR8

borehole pumps 8”

P070 Lowara Z10

Lowara Z10

borehole pumps 10”

P071 Lowara Z12

Lowara Z12

borehole pumps 12”

6 of 6 products
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