Grindex Minette

drainage pump

The Grindex Minette series is an ultra-lightweight aluminium drainage pump with a stainless steel outer casing and a Hard-Iron™ impeller for pumping abrasive fluids.

Can run dry for an unlimited time

Lightweight and compact design

Suitable for abrasive fluids

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The Grindex Minette weighs just 29 kg, which makes it one of the more lightweight submersible pumps for transferring faecal matter, abrasive fluids and chemicals. Thanks to the patented air valve and electronic protection system, the pump can run dry for an unlimited time. There are two variants: the Minette 1f (with a maximum capacity of 55 m³/h) and the Minette 3f (with a maximum capacity of 60 m³/h).


from 10 up to 60 m³/h


up to 22 mwc

Liquid temperature:

up to 40 °C


1-phase and 3-phase, 50 and 60 Hz

Pressure end:


Material pump body:

stainless steel, aluminium, NBR and Hard-Iron™

Material impeller:


Material shaft seal:




Grindex handbook 50 Hz

Grindex handbook 60 Hz

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P033 Grindex Minette

Grindex Minette

drainage pump

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