We supply a wide range of accessories for your pumps, systems and machines. We can supply you with e.g. non-return valves, pressure sensors, solenoid valves and thermostats.

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O022 Asco magneetventielen (direct)

Asco solenoid valves

direct drive

O023 Asco magneetventielen (indirect)

Asco solenoid valves

indirect drive

O024 Asco Dry magneetventielen

Asco Dry solenoid valves

plastic valves for aggressive fluids

O033 VDEG AE thermostaat

VDEG AE temperature switch

bimetal temperature switch with gold contact

O035 VDEG druksensoren

VDEG pressure sensors

4-20 mA pressure transmitters

O008 Balkeerkleppen

Non-return ball valves

non-return valve with full flow

O016 Danfoss hogedruk appendages

Danfoss high pressure appendage

7 of 7 products
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