Asco Dry solenoid valves

plastic valves for aggressive fluids

The Asco Dry solenoid valve series is a plastic valve that is ideal for aggressive liquids and gases, thanks to the valve body made of technopolymer and the internal parts made of stainless steel.

Suitable for aggressive liquids and gases

Made of plastic

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The Asco Dry solenoid valve has a separation between the internal parts of the valve or coil and the medium. The coil controls the opening and closing movements by means of a lever (in an elastic protective sleeve) or a membrane (on the inside of the valve). Depending on the diameter, the response time can vary from a few tens of milliseconds for direct acting valves to a few hundreds or thousands of milliseconds for indirectly operated or membrane coupled valves.

Direct acting valve

Separation between internal parts and medium

2/2- or 3/2-way versions, NC or NO

Ports with gas thread from 1/8” to 2”

Internal openings from 1.5 to 43 mm

Material of valve body:

stainless steel or plastic

Material of internal parts:

stainless steel


NBR, EPDM or Viton® FPM

Operating pressures from vacuum to 12 bar

Suitable for export



Asco Dry solenoid valves

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Asco Dry solenoid valves

plastic valves for aggressive fluids