High-pressure pumps

Our high-pressure pumps, operating on the piston pump mechanism, facilitate the movement of fluids from a low to a high pressure level using pistons. These pumps, featuring pistons in stainless steel, ceramic, or ceramic-coated, come in axial (such as Hawk and Patissoli) and radial (Danfoss) models. They are used in a range of applications, from wastewater treatment and car washes to food processing industries and in the oil and gas industry, to regulate fluid flow.

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P079 VDEG Hogedruksets

VDEG high-pressure sets

customised for e.g. misting and high-pressure cleaning

P080 Hawk


separate pump section or combined with electric motor

P081 Pratissoli


separate pump section or combined with electric motor

P082 Danfoss PAH PAHT

Danfoss PAH/PAHT

high-quality, low-maintenance pumps

P083 Danfoss APP

Danfoss APP

high-quality, low-maintenance saltwater pumps

5 of 5 products
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