Danfoss APP

high-quality, low-maintenance saltwater pumps

The Danfoss APP series consists of high-pressure pumps that are suitable for saltwater applications and reverse osmosis systems. The pumps are made of duplex or super duplex stainless steel and are highly efficient.

Extremely durable

Suitable for saltwater applications

Made of duplex or super duplex stainless steel

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The Danfoss APP is very compact and has a wide range in terms of capacity. This high-pressure pump can be used not only for seawater and brackish water, but also as a motor drive in energy recovery systems for reverse osmosis plants. The self-lubricating function ensures that this pump has a long service life.

Low maintenance due to water lubrication

(8000 hour interval)

Direct coupling with motor possible

High efficiency

Suitable for saltwater applications


from 0,60 up to 38,40 m³/h

Maximum working pressure:

70 bar

Liquid temperature:

from 2 °C up to 50 °C

Motor power P2:

up to 101 kW

Material pump body:

duplex or super duplex

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Brochure applications and types

Technical documentation APP 0.6-1.0

Technical documentation APP 1.5-3.5

Technical documentation APP 5.1-0.2

Technical documentation APP 11-13

Technical documentation APP 16-22

Technical documentation APP 21-38

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P083 Danfoss APP

Danfoss APP

high-quality, low-maintenance saltwater pumps

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