separate pump section or combined with electric motor

The Pratissoli series consists of high-pressure pumps with a 420 stainless steel pump head and three plungers. They are suitable for continuous use and many applications, such as high-pressure misting, tank cleaning, facade cleaning and fire fighting.

Available separately or as a set

Highly versatile

Made of 420 stainless steel

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The Pratissoli high-pressure pump is available as a separate pump section or combined with a 4- or 6-pole electric motor to make a complete pump set. The pump sets can be supplied with a chassis, vibration dampers, overflow, pulsation damper, non-return valve, manometer and pressure transmitter. The set can also include a control system, using a frequency controller. These top-quality pumps have ceramic or ceramic-coated plungers and are low maintenance. The pumps are easy to install and have a long service life.

Wide range of applications

Direct coupling with motor possible

Robust pump part

High efficiency


from 0,6 up to 23 m³/h

Maximum working pressure:

Liquid temperature:

up to 85 °C

Motor power P2:

up to 150 kW

Material pump body:

420 stainless steel (chemically nickel plated) or 316 stainless steel

Material plunjers:

ceramic or stainless steel


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P081 Pratissoli


separate pump section or combined with electric motor

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