Drainage pumps

A drainage pump moves water containing solid contaminants without becoming blocked. These pumps are therefore ideal for pumping dirty water out of swimming pools, pits or ponds. The drainage pump can also be used to pump water out of a flooded basement or crawl space. The brands of drainage pumps in our product range are: Lowara, Alpha, Grindex, Tsurumi, Faggiolati and PRORIL.

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P024 Lowara DOMO

Lowara DOMO

304 stainless steel submersible pumps

P027 Lowara DL

Lowara DL

cast iron submersible pumps

P029 Grindex Micro

Grindex Micro

drainage pump

P030 Grindex Mini

Grindex Mini

drainage pump

P031 Grindex Milli

Grindex Milli

drainage pump with low suction

P032 Grindex Minex

Grindex Minex

drainage pump

P033 Grindex Minette

Grindex Minette

drainage pump

P034 Grindex Minor

Grindex Minor

drainage pump

P035 Grindex Major

Grindex Major

drainage pump

P036 Grindex Master

Grindex Master

drainage pump

P037 Grindex Matador

Grindex Matador

drainage pump

P038 Grindex Maxi

Grindex Maxi

drainage pump

P039 Grindex Magnum

Grindex Magnum

drainage pump

P040 Grindex Mega

Grindex Mega

drainage pump

P041 Grindex Solid

Grindex Solid

sludge pump

15 of 31 products
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