Standard centrifugal pumps

The standard (non-self-priming) centrifugal pump is the most commonly used type of centrifugal pump. A standard centrifugal pump has a higher yield than a self-priming pump. When this pump is started, the suction pipe and the pump body must be completely filled with water, because the pump is unable to evacuate air. The pump has the effect of increasing pressure. We supply the brands Lowara and Jabsco.

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P002 Lowara e-SH

Lowara e-SH

stainless steel 316L centrifugal pumps

P004 Lowara CEA

Lowara CEA

304/316 stainless steel centrifugal pumps

P005 Lowara CO

Lowara CO

stainless steel 316 centrifugal pumps with semi-open impeller

P006 Lowara e-IXP

Lowara e-IXP

centrifugal pumps

P007 Lowara SHO

Lowara SHO

stainless steel 316 centrifugal pumps with semi-open impeller

P019 Lowara e-HM

Lowara e-HM

stainless steel horizontal centrifugal pumps

P020 Lowara e-SV

Lowara e-SV

stainless steel vertical centrifugal pumps

P084 Jabsco Cyclone Centrifugaalpompen

Jabsco Cyclone centrifugal pumps

stainless steel pumps 12V, 24V

10 of 10 products
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