Plunger pumps

Our high-pressure pumps, operating on the principle of the plunger pump, are specifically designed to increase the pressure of fluids from low to high using plungers. The pumps, featuring plungers made of stainless steel, ceramic, or a ceramic coating, are available in axial versions like Hawk and Patissoli and radial versions like Danfoss. They are widely deployed in wastewater treatment plants, car washes, food production, and the oil and gas industry for controlling fluid flow.

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P079 VDEG Hogedruksets

VDEG high-pressure sets

customised for e.g. misting and high-pressure cleaning

P080 Hawk


separate pump section or combined with electric motor

P081 Pratissoli


separate pump section or combined with electric motor

P082 Danfoss PAH PAHT

Danfoss PAH/PAHT

high-quality, low-maintenance pumps

P083 Danfoss APP

Danfoss APP

high-quality, low-maintenance saltwater pumps

5 of 5 products
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