Heating pumps

A circulation pump is designed to circulate a significant amount of water at low pressure. Our range includes an extensive series of Lowara heating pumps, suitable for both hot and cold water circulation in heating and cooling systems. These pumps are known for their durability and reliability and are often available directly from stock. To find the perfect pump, we offer Curves, a specialized selection tool for circulation pumps. Additionally, we have a range of accessories, such as control valves and frequency controllers.

A complete package for Heating & Cooling

As a trusted supplier in the national and international greenhouse industry, we proudly announce a significant expansion of its product range. In addition to its well-known range of irrigation pumps and water technology solutions, we now introduce a brand new line of Horti Valve control valves and Econ butterfly valves to complement the current extensive line of Lowara heating pumps and Danfoss frequency controllers. This strategic move stems from the growing demand, particularly from abroad, for a comprehensive brand for irrigation and heating pumps.

Curves selection tool

The Curves pump selection tool allows easy online selection of heating pumps that perfectly match your requirements. You can also use Curves to create a project and request an immediate price quotation, by accessing the tool with your customer-specific login details. If you’re interested or would like to know more, please call our sales department on +31 (0)174 51 50 50.

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How do I request an account for the Curves selection tool?

Your customer-specific login details for the Curves selection tool can be requested via sales@vanderendegroup.com.

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Rosalie Gijsberts

Rosalie Gijsberts