Curves selection tool

Curves is our user-friendly online selection tool, allowing fast, easy selection of the right heating pumps to match each customer’s requirements. You can select the pumps on the basis of the desired operating point (capacity, discharge head, voltage and frequency). Curves uses these data to automatically select the right pumps and a choice can then be made on the basis of efficiency or price. You can also use Curves to create a project and request an immediate price quotation.

Manual Curves (PDF)

One of the users explains: “I mainly use the tool for creating projects. A big advantage for me is that I can easily select all the pumps myself and submit the project, and then within a day I will receive a price quotation from Van der Ende Group. This fast service is really excellent. At other times, I often use the tool to select the right pump for a specific situation.”

Curves offers an extensive product package of heating pumps: at present, it contains 1,275 pumps.

Frequently used

The Curves selection tool has been ‘live’ for a few years now and is frequently used by our customers. Several companies are currently using the tool, and it helps them to quickly and efficiently find the right pump for their specific project at any time of day. For each project, a new calculation can be made, saved and sent as a request. Van der Ende Group will always perform an additional final check, of course, to ensure the correct and most efficient selection.

Our customers also give us feedback on the tool, which we incorporate in our monthly update. This keeps the pumps up-to-date and makes the tool even more user-friendly, constantly improving the ease and efficiency for our customers.

Login details

You can access Curves with your customer-specific login details here. Login details can be requested by calling our sales department on +31 174 51 50 50 or sending an email to For a more detailed explanation of Curves, the manual can be found at the top of the page.

New line of heating pumps

In collaboration with Xylem Lowara, we have developed a complete line of heating pumps for greenhouse horticulture. The line includes both small and large capacities with low discharge heads, so that it perfectly meets horticultural requirements. The total range comprises around 300 different in-line pumps and 450 different end-suction pumps with 2-, 4- and 6-pole motors, connection diameters from DN 25 to DN 300, capacities from 1 m3/h to 1,900 m3/h, discharge heads from 1.5 mwc to 150 mwc and a choice between in-line pumps (e‑LNE) and end-suction pumps (e‑NSC). This range complies with the highest efficiency and quality standards and is also available in 60 Hz with the applicable cUR, UL or CSA certification, conforming to the highest energy performance standards. The line is available in both 50 Hz and 60 Hz. A frequency controller (Hydrovar) can optionally be mounted on the pumps.


Along with the heating pumps, we also supply a variety of accessories, such as frequency controllers, AE temperature switches, differential pressure sensors, mixing valves and flange sets. You can add these to your project, so that we can include them in the price quotation.

Mixing valves

In addition to this new line of pumps, Van der Ende Group also has the dealership for Honeywell/Centra control valves and mixing valves, with their corresponding servomotors. These are ideal for water temperature control in heating, cooling and air handling systems. Most of the control valves can be delivered immediately from stock.

Frequently asked questions

How do I request an account for the Curves selection tool?

Your customer-specific login details for the Curves selection tool can be requested via

How do I select the right pump for my operating point?

Through our online selection tool, you can easily and quickly find the right pump by entering capacity and pressure.

Do you supply mixing valves?

Certainly, you have come to the right place for the supply of mixing valves. Any questions? Please contact me.

Are flange sets also available?

In addition to the pumps, we also supply the approriate flange sets, which we have in stock in most cases.

Account Manager Heating & Cooling

Rosalie Gijsberts

Rosalie Gijsberts