26 Feb, 2024

Van der Ende Group expands product range and offers complete package for Heating & Cooling

Van der Ende Group, a trusted supplier in the national and international greenhouse industry, proudly announces a significant expansion of its product range. In addition to its well-known range of irrigation pumps and water technology solutions, the company now introduces a brand new line of Horti Valve control valves and Econ butterfly valves to complement the current extensive line of Lowara heating pumps and Danfoss frequency converters. This strategic move stems from the growing demand, particularly from abroad, for a comprehensive brand for irrigation and heating pumps.

Complete Package

By introducing the premium brand Lowara into the horticulture sector in the 1980s, Van der Ende Group has built a solid position at both the national and international levels. The growing demand for high-quality pumps for irrigation, heating, and water treatment is met with the complete line of Lowara pumps. The brand is known for its proven quality and reliability.

Due to the strong customer demand for complete heating packages, Van der Ende Group has complemented the Lowara heating pumps line and the Danfoss VLT & Vacon frequency converters, where it achieved premium partner status this year, with a new, complete line of 3-way control valves and butterfly valves. Thus, Van der Ende Group has become a one-stop-shop for all heating & cooling projects.

New - Horti Valve 3-way Control Valve

The Van der Ende Group Horti Valve is a high-quality control valve developed in collaboration with Hora. Hora is a renowned company specializing in control valves for the industry and offshore sector. The Horti Valve offers excellent and reliable control characteristics. Additionally, the control valve is available in a complete range (from DN15-DN300) to optimally manage your climate.

New - Econ Butterfly Valve 67 series

Reliable and sturdy butterfly valves are indispensable for Heating & Cooling projects. Therefore, Van der Ende Group has opted for a collaboration with Econ. A wide line of high-quality butterfly valve closures, both manually operated or equipped with a servo motor, is now available.

Graph Comparison in Curves

Van der Ende Group also introduces a renewed version of the well-known selection tool Curves. With this tool, customers can easily and quickly select the complete line of heating pumps, butterfly valves, control valves, and control taps. The tool allows for comparing different pumps to make the right pump selection based on performance and specifications. The program also offers a total overview of motor currents, and soft starters, frequency converters, and flange sets can be included in a project. In short, a very complete and user-friendly tool for all customers.

Spare Parts and Global Service

To meet the desired service level worldwide, Van der Ende Group has developed a handy tool that allows customers to quickly identify the necessary spare parts for their pump. With the explosive growth of global projects in mind, the company has also ensured a broad assortment and a large stock of 50 Hz and 60 Hz pumps. The recently opened Canadian branch and the warehouse in the Netherlands & Belgium enable the company to meet global demand quickly.

Five Guarantees

The recent expansion of the product range fits perfectly with the five guarantees that Van der Ende Group promises to its customers to serve them as best as possible:

  1. New products to offer a complete assortment
  2. The largest pump stock in the Netherlands
  3. Always at the forefront of knowledge and the latest developments
  4. 24/7 service throughout the Netherlands
  5. Active worldwide