Bar feeder systems

Are you aiming for full automation of your CNC Lathe? A bar feeder is an efficient method to automate your CNC lathe. LNS bar feeding systems ensure optimal production efficiency for all types of lathes. From entry-level models to highly advanced systems, they guarantee unmatched reliability and adaptability, with a unique system that allows for the fastest diameter changes in the world.

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M038 LNS Alpha SL65 S

LNS Alpha SL65 S

short bar feeder ø 6 - 65 mm

M043 Quick Load Servo 105

LNS Quick Load Servo 105

short bar feeder ø 6 - 105 mm

M044 LNS Quick Load Servo III+

LNS Quick Load Servo III+

short bar feeder ø 6 - 120 mm

3 of 3 products
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More than 178,000 LNS bar feeders are currently installed across the world, universally recognised for their exceptional quality and performance. LNS bar feeders ensure maximum productivity on all types of lathes. Available in a wide range of models, from budget to highly advanced, they always provide unbeatable reliability and flexibility, thanks to the system that enables the world’s fastest diameter changes.

If you’d like to discover what would be the best match for your own process, simply contact our specialists, who are always pleased to help.

You can find more information about the various models on the LNS website.

Dealer LNS Benelux

Van der Ende Group and is dealer for the entire LNS product range in Benelux. Over the past 45 years, LNS has developed into a world market leader and is the one-stop shop for machine tool peripherals, such as bar feeders, air filtration systems, chip conveyors and high-pressure cooling systems.

Other LNS products

Chip management

LNS chip conveyors

complete chip conveyor systems for all types of machines

M014 LNS Spanentransporteurs
LNS chip conveyors

Air filtration

LNS Fox WS series air filtration unit

filter system for oil mist or emulsion mist

M013 LNS Fox WS-serie afzuigunit
LNS Fox WS series air filtration unit

Coolant management

LNS high-pressure coolant system

for increasing the productivity of machine tools

M050 LNS Hogedruk Koelsysteem
LNS high-pressure coolant system