LNS Quick Load Servo 105

short bar feeder ø 6 - 105 mm

The LNS Quick Load Servo 105 is a versatile, compact and fully automatic short bar feeder suitable for bars with a diameter of 6 - 105 mm. This bar feeder is used on fixed headstock lathes and is used to perform numerous operations in record time. Production changeover is within 15 seconds and automatic central diameter adjustment is achieved by direct diameter data input.

Diameter 6 - 105 mm

Bar length 300 - 1600 mm

Loading capacity 650 mm

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The LNS Quick Load Servo 105 has been designed to allow operations to be performed in record time to achieve maximum productivity. The QLS 105 is the successor to the LNS Quick Load Servo 80 S2 (QLS 80 S2), which is no longer on the market.

The 650 mm deep side magazine can hold 108 ø 6 mm bars, 8 ø 80 mm bars or 6 ø 100 mm bars. With its cover closed, the loading area is made safe for operators. The basic version the barfeeder can also be provided with a heavy duty loading rack in order to increase the capacity (standard 440 kg , heavy duty max. 650 kg) or a lift to allow easy bars loading from a fork lift or a crane.

The QLS 105 bar feeder is standard 1,6 meter long, but is also available as a 2 meter version with a long pusher in case the bar feeder is too far from the spindle.

Bar diameter:

from 6 up to 105 mm

Bar length:

from 300 up to 1600 mm

Loading capacity:

650 mm

Very fast for maximum productivity

Large loading table with various options


LNS Quick Load Servo 105

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M043 Quick Load Servo 105

LNS Quick Load Servo 105

short bar feeder ø 6 - 105 mm