Sewage pumps

A sewage pump is a ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ and ‘cutting’ or ‘non-cutting’ pump, which causes faecal matter to be discharged to the sewer, in the absence of a natural method of discharge. Our product range includes high-quality Lowara and Faggiolati sewage pumps.

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P024 Lowara DOMO

Lowara DOMO

304 stainless steel submersible pumps

P025 Lowara DOMO GRI


submersible grinder pumps

P027 Lowara DL

Lowara DL

cast iron submersible pumps

P053 Faggiolati V Serie

Faggiolati V serie

submersible vortex pumps

P054 Faggiolati M Serie

Faggiolati M serie

monochannel submersible pumps

P058 Faggiolati T Serie

Faggiolati T serie

submersible grinder pumps

6 of 6 products
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