Chemical pumps

A chemical pump is used for chemical fluids, such as contaminated, non-lubricating, corrosive, viscous, very hot or cold fluids. Our product range includes the following brands of chemical pumps: Lowara, Grindex, Jabsco, Tellarini, Espa, Affetti and Argal.

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P002 Lowara e-SH

Lowara e-SH

stainless steel 316L centrifugal pumps

P011 Tellarini Pompe AL

Tellarini Pompe AL

stainless steel 316 turbine impeller pumps

P015 Espa Silen

Espa Silen

plastic centrifugal pumps

P016 Argal TMA

Argal TMA

plastic, magnetic drive pumps

4 of 4 products
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