Booster pumps

A hydrophore set is essential for situations where constant pressure in the water distribution network is required, specifically for high-rise buildings such as apartment complexes and tall office buildings, or in older buildings where increased pressure is necessary. These sets guarantee stable pressure within the piping system. Our range includes durable hydrophore sets developed by Van der Ende Group and those from Lowara.

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P019 Lowara e-HM

Lowara e-HM

stainless steel horizontal centrifugal pumps

P020 Lowara e-SV

Lowara e-SV

stainless steel vertical centrifugal pumps

P075 Lowara Sfera hydrofoorset

Lowara Sfera hydrophore set

for agricultural applications and domestic use

P076 Lowara Smart Pump

Lowara Smart Pump

frequency controlled pumps

4 of 4 products
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