Submersible pumps

A sump pump or submersible pump is placed directly into the fluid that needs to be moved, either fully or partly submerged. These pumps are designed to lift liquids to the required height, within the limits of the motor's power and the pressure limits of the pump and the connected outlet pipe. One application for certain submersible pumps is the transfer of sewage water. Our product range includes brands such as Lowara, Grindex, Faggiolati, Tsurumi, and PRORIL.

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P024 Lowara DOMO

Lowara DOMO

304 stainless steel submersible pumps

P025 Lowara DOMO GRI


submersible grinder pumps

P026 Lowara DIWA

Lowara DIWA

304 stainless steel submersible pumps

P027 Lowara DL

Lowara DL

cast iron submersible pumps

P029 Grindex Micro

Grindex Micro

drainage pump

P030 Grindex Mini

Grindex Mini

drainage pump

P031 Grindex Milli

Grindex Milli

drainage pump with low suction

P032 Grindex Minex

Grindex Minex

drainage pump

P033 Grindex Minette

Grindex Minette

drainage pump

P034 Grindex Minor

Grindex Minor

drainage pump

P035 Grindex Major

Grindex Major

drainage pump

P036 Grindex Master

Grindex Master

drainage pump

P037 Grindex Matador

Grindex Matador

drainage pump

P038 Grindex Maxi

Grindex Maxi

drainage pump

P039 Grindex Magnum

Grindex Magnum

drainage pump

15 of 37 products
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