Circulation pumps

In central heating or cooling systems, the circulation pump, also called a circulator, fulfills a vital function by acting as a centrifugal pump that carries the heat-transferring medium throughout the installation. These pumps facilitate the movement of water through the system of pipes, the boiler, and radiators, thereby efficiently transferring the heat generated in the boiler to the areas to be heated. We offer a selection of circulation pumps from brands like Lowara and Jabsco.

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P017 Lowara e-LNEE

Lowara e-LNE

in-line centrifugal pumps

P018 Lowara Ecocirc

Lowara Ecocirc

in-line centrifugal pumps

P084 Jabsco Cyclone Centrifugaalpompen

Jabsco Cyclone centrifugal pumps

stainless steel pumps 12V, 24V

P085 Flojet Mag Drive centrifugaalpompen

Flojet Mag Drive centrifugal pumps

magnetically coupled pumps

5 of 5 products
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