Motorized / pneumatic control valves

The VDEG Envalve butterfly valves and ball valves are designed to isolate or regulate flow and are assembled in-house. The butterfly valves are resistant to aggressive substances and are available in a single or double variant. We also supply a wide range of Honeywell and Centra control valves and mixing valves.

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O017 Horti Valve 3-weg

Horti Valve 3-way

controle valve powered by Hora

O018 VDEG Envalve VK11

VDEG Envalve VK11

motor operated single butterfly valves

O019 VDEG Envalve VK21

VDEG Envalve VK21

motor operated double butterfly valves

O020 VDEG Envalve PVK

VDEG Envalve PVK

pneumatically operated single butterfly valves

O021 VDEG Envalve KK

VDEG Envalve KK

motor operated 2-way and 3-way ball valves

O017 Honeywell Regelafsluiters

Honeywell and Centra control valves and mixing valves

for heating systems

6 of 6 products
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