VDEG Envalve VK11

motor operated single butterfly valves

The VDEG Envalve VK11 butterfly valves are designed to isolate or regulate flow. The single butterfly valves are made of PVC and have an EPDM gasket, which makes them resistant to many aggressive substances.

Resistant to aggressive substances

Large throughput capacity

Bi-directional flow

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The VDEG Envalve VK11 butterfly valves consist of one valve and one motor. The single valve is available in various types in size 20 to 63 mm with the AE moter (open/closed) or with the Centra (control motor). From size 75 to 200 mm, it is supplied with the AE motor (open/closed) or with the Hora (control motor). The run times of the valves range from 15 to 130 seconds, depending on the motor and type, through a rotational angle of 90 degrees. They have a large throughput capacity and bi-directional flow. The electric motor means that the valves can be operated remotely. The Centra and Hora motor have a supply voltage of 24VAC as standard and the AE motor has a supply voltage of 24VAC/DC, but for both a 230V version is also available on request.

Large throughput capacity

Resistant to many aggressive substances

Minimal loss of pressure

Bi-directional flow

Compact dimensions

Very few parts

Fall-back option of manual operation

Version with couplings from 20 (DN15) to 63 mm (DN50)

Version with flanges from 75 (DN65) to 200 mm (DN200)

Different run times and seals available

Leaflet VK11-21 Centra 20-63 mm

Leaflet VK11-21 Hora 75-200 mm

Leaflet VK11-21 AE 75-250 mm


VDEG Envalve VK11

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VDEG Envalve VK11

motor operated single butterfly valves