Sewage pumps

A sewage pump is a ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ and ‘cutting’ or ‘non-cutting’ pump, which causes faecal matter to be discharged to the sewer, in the absence of a natural method of discharge. Our product range includes high-quality Lowara and Faggiolati sewage pumps.

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P024 Lowara DOMO

Lowara DOMO

304 stainless steel submersible pumps

P025 Lowara DOMO GRI


submersible grinder pumps

P027 Lowara DL

Lowara DL

cast iron submersible pumps

P028 Lowara 1300 series

Lowara 1300 series

cast iron submersible pumps

P053 Faggiolati V Serie

Faggiolati V serie

submersible vortex pumps

P054 Faggiolati M Serie

Faggiolati M serie

monochannel submersible pumps

P058 Faggiolati T Serie

Faggiolati T serie

submersible grinder pumps

7 of 7 products
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