Chemical pumps

For transporting chemical liquids such as contaminated, non-lubricating, corrosive, viscous, and extremely cold or warm substances, we offer chemical pumps from brands like Lowara, Grindex, Jabsco, Tellarini, Espa, Affetti, and Argal.

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P002 Lowara e-SH

Lowara e-SH

stainless steel 316L centrifugal pumps

P011 Tellarini Pompe AL

Tellarini Pompe AL

stainless steel 316 turbine impeller pumps

P016 Argal TMA

Argal TMA

plastic, magnetic drive pumps

P045 Grindex Minette Inox

Grindex Minette Inox

rvs drainage pump

P085 Flojet Mag Drive Centrifugaalpompen

Jabsco Mag Drive centrifugal pumps

magnetically coupled pumps

P001 Affetti


kunststof- en magneetgekoppelde pompen

12 of 12 products
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